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CENTRAVEL has been developed considering the needs of all drivers and passengers for modern city life.
According to CENTRAVEL Design mention ; Safety, ergonomics, comfort and quality are very important as important as outward appearance .

CENTRAVEL has good agility and maneuverability on narrow streets , also it has big passenger capacity .
Because of Low Fuel consuption , CENTRAVEL is most "preferred" citybus for Public Transport Institutions and Companies

CENTRAVEL is the result of a advanced user friendly design process .
Driver Area :Safety starts by Driver . Simplicity, Visual clarity, Ease of use and Ergonomics are most important factors.Centravel Driver Area is compatible to the latest and all international regulations .
Passenger Area : Interiour Design developed for Passenger comfort , safety and ergonomics and strengthened with the simple and stylish details. All technical and visual details are carefully chosed for pleasant journey.
Handicapped Person Area : Centravel has very large area for Internal movement of Disabled Passengers in the vehicle with a wheelchair. Also boarding-disembarking is so easy with Centravel's mechanical ramp .Centravel provides safe and comfortable trips to Disabled passengers .

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