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 Centravel was developed, considering the needs of both of passengers and drivers in a modern city setting

According to Centravel’s Design Criteria: safety, ergonomics, comfort and quality are equally as important as outward appearance .

Centravel has good maneuverability on narrow streets.

It has a highest passenger capacity on the market.

Because of its low fuel consuption , Centravel is the most "preferred" citybus for Public Transport Institutions and companies.

Centravel’s driver friendly design is the result of an advanced development process.


Centravel Versions ;

Centravel has 2 standard lengths:

10.5 - 12 m

Centravel has 3 versions to accomodate your fuel requirements;

Electric , Diesel , CNG

Driver Area :


Safety starts with the driver : simplicity, visual clarity and ergonomics are the most important factors.

Centravel’s Driver Area fufills the latest international regulations .

Passenger Area ;



Passenger comfort , safety and ergonomics were the primary considerations in developing the pasenger area and were enhanced with simple and stylish details.

All technical and visual details are carefully chosen promote a pleasant journey.


Handicapped Area:

Centravel has very large, easily accessable area for wheelchair passengers.

Boarding/disembarking is made easy with Centravel's mechanical ramp .

Centravel provides safe and comfortable trip for disabled passengers .